Aircraft Cleaning Services

Diener Aviation Services provides premium exterior detailing services to ensure your aircraft is trip ready and looking great for the next flight. We offer an array of services to ensure your aircraft gets the best treatment possible.

Aircraft Interior Detailing

Our cleaning service is available on all major and minor airports throughout Western Europe. We are disposable on short notice within 24 hours of your request. Our aircraft detailing includes the following services:

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Leather seat cleaning
  • Carpet extraction
  • Cockpit detailing
  • Kitchen detailing
Diener Aviation Services is committed to excellence. Only certified detergents are utilized to guarantee the best possible results. We fulfill our services with great care and discretion. Trust and fullest satisfaction of our clients is our number one priority.

Dry Wash

This technique is performed without the use of water and by means of environmentally friendly products. The surface of your aircraft will be carefully cleaned with a glossy look. Due to most airport environmental restrictions, this is our most popular and most requested exterior cleaning service.

Wet Wash

Our wet wash technique ensures a completely clean and debris free exterior surface. After completion the aircraft is rendered clean and spot free. We recommend this technique in cases where the aircraft has been subject to harsh conditions such as saltwater and sand. Please take into consideration that this technique may not be applicable, due to strict environmental restrictions at certain airport facilities.

Diener Aviation Services Wash

Bright Work Polish for chrome surfaces

To rejuvenate the chrome surfaces of your aircraft, we offer our bright polishing service. By ridding the exterior of affected and oxidized sections, your chrome surfaces will be fully restored. Not only will your aircraft look better, this kind of treatment will add to it’s overall longevity.

Polish for paint surfaces

For regular paint surfaces we offer our highly recommended bright polish & finishing service. The exterior will be freed of stains and imperfections and regain the gloss of a brand new aircraft. We highly recommend combining this service with our aircraft protection procedure featured below.

Diener Aviation Services Polish

Aircraft Protection

To further protect the surface of your aircraft we apply the certified refinement product Xzilon®. This environmentally friendly treatment seals the entire surface of your aircraft for maximum protection. It shields the exterior from the onset of bacteria and microbes, therefore preventing harm to the body of the aircraft. Xzilon® is a modecular adhesive, that protects the surface from external contamination such as bird droppings, water spotting, tree sap, loss of gloss, oxidation, acid rain and defilement from bugs and insects.

XZILON™ Molecular Adhesion