Leather Refurbishment

The leather upholstery in aircrafts is exposed to various environmental factors such as cabin pressure and dry air. After a certain time, these circumstances have an unfavorable effect on the leather. This results in brittleness and an overall worn look. Business related flights often result in work sessions aboard the aircraft. This can provoke scrapings, ink spills and other forms of defilement. The complete reupholstering of leather tends to be expensive. Furthermore, it may result in prolonged landing time of your aircraft.

This is where we recommend these issues to be adressed by our trained professionals. Find out how you can save a significant amount of time and money by simply restoring your leather upholstery instead of replacing it completely.

Interior Services

Diener Aviation Services offers interior detailing to get your aircraft ready for the next flight. Besides cleaning in the traditional sense, we provide a specialized leather upholstery refurbishment service. A complete restoration of your aircraft’s seating units. For further information please read below.

Service & Licensing

Our leather upholstery refurbishment service is completed on location and in a timely manner. We are available to all major and minor airports throughout Western Europe on relatively short notice.

We exclusively utilise licensed SEM Aerospace products for our leather refurbishment services. This process is to be utilised for repairing and restoring leather aircraft interior parts. This process does not alter the existing flammability standard and allows the items to maintain the flammability requirements of 14 CFR Parts 23.853, 25.853 (a) and (c), 27.853 and 29.853. For these requirements, no additional flammability testing is required. This process should be limited to repairing and restoring aircraft interior leather that initially passed flammability tests.

For more information on pricing and conditions please contact us by phone or the featured form below. We are glad to be hearing from you soon.